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Sunday, November 27th, 2005
12:13 am
Wisdome knowing the Person indwelling you
I want to elaborate on a few things, concerning the source of power never running dry in the life of the believer.
I want to reveal "Christ revealed in the OT" It is amazing the oneness of God and man, bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh.
Someone once posed a quistion, "how close can you get to the one that is living on the inside of you"? was that an honest quistion? absolutly!
Where there is a person in need, there is an indwelling Christ abiding on the inside of you, that has availability 24/7.
Proverbs 3:27 "Never walk away from someone who deserves help, your hand is God's hand for that person" think about it where there is a need there is an answer, when someone needs a touch of the supernatural, we have the answer, abiding the believer is the risin savior of the world, we are at a higher level of life, housing a resurrected and glorified messiah, the answer to humanity, is house within us, think about it for minute, God almight in you!!! the most powerful Person in the world is not absent from the life of the believer.
I feel the anointing being stirred up within me as im typing, there is never a lack of power, if on the job, or at school, wherever you are, God is not absent, when God is not absent the source of power is not absent.
Let us look closely at "Christ Revealed" in Proverbs 12:18 "but there is healing in the words of the wise" think about it, who is wisdome? Wisdome is Christ! who is the healer, the healer is Christ? where is the word? the word is in our heart and in our mouth! what brings healing? "words" we speak the word and there is an outflow of the healing power of God, thus the believer should not be absent of the healing power of God, that is why miracles follow the believer, because the believer is someone that becomes one with there savior.
Christ is also revealed in Proverbs 12:31 "No evil can overwhelm a good person" why cant evil overcome a good person? heh because Christ was never overwhelmed with evil and the devil has been defeated, we as a believer have a right to the realm that is heavenly not earthy 24/7 it is the realm in which we live and abide (Psalm91) a realm with no limitation, the realm that is abiding in the believer" no evil can overwhelm you in the heavenly sphere, Christ keeps the believer from the air of the enemy, he is not a part of the air of the believer, since we are altogether of another kingdome.
Alow us to look at another portion of Christ revealed in proverbs, check out Proverbs 13:17 "but a reliable reporter is a healing presence." notice they didnt say Jesus, but they said a reliable reporter is a healing presence, who is the healer, the one inside of us is the healer! who is the reliable reporter? we are the reliable reporter! so there we see a divine partnership between God and man, there is a oness between the one indwelling us, and we as His temple, when we are around there should never be the absence of the healing presence of the Lord! also what is a reliable report? a reliable report is anything from the word of God that is not a lie but truth, and the word of God is truth, and like we found out earlyer "His word is in our heart and in our mouth" where we are there is a healing presence because we speak the word of God (the reliable report) notice in 2 Corinthians the apostle paul, talkes about carrieng the dieng of the Lord Jesus in His body so that the life of Christ might be made manifest in His mortal flesh! thus Christ is manifest within us, so we are a walking appearance a manifestation of the inward working, we are the finished produce to the world, we are the stage of performance to mankind, we are the appearing of the indwelling Christ.
Now one more golden nugget for the night.
Christ is revealed in Proverbs 15:4 "Kind words heal and help" remember the word is in our heart and in our mouth, not only do we carry healing words and the healing presence of God with us, our words also take people beyond healing and into the realm of helping! our words heal and help, the word of God brings healing, and revelation, there should never be an absence of His healing presence, that not only heales but helps everyone, there is no limitation and there should be no lack of the presence of God, you dont have to work for it, you just need to come to the revelation (made clear) that Christ is living on the inside of you.....that leaping on the inside is Him, that is the greatest power in the world, so keep it cultivated in your life, now and forever in Jesus name amen.

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
10:33 pm
The past few weeks have realy torn down barriers, my roomate and I are getting along great, praying everynight and keeping things in the spirit, that is the way it should be, the original intent for man was to walk in the newness of life, that Christ provided.

We had a conference here at MFC, my goodness Pastor Terry and Doc and Doc, an awsome ministry team, ive never seen so many people kicked, slaped, takled, and punched in a meeting before, we are always crieng out for a move of God, when God is waiting for us to pick up the move of God and run with it.

There has been so much blessing from God brought into our lives, its amazing what God does when you keep kingdoome focus, school officialy starts on saturday, healing school under Doc Robin already began sunday night, and its just been phenominal, to sit under certain teachers and place a demand on the anointing on the ministry is phenominal, we just got to keep focused, and keep our anointing guarded, a good way to do that is to guard over your associations, some people will suck you dry, always stay in the word, our walk is not always a feeling but its of faith, the faith we have overcomes the world, and the greater one lives inside of us, and we have God's guarantee for complete victory, not 70% of the time but 100% of the time, the word of God is the word of God, and no prophecy of scripture is of personal interpretation, ohhh its a book where the Holy Spirit is our teacher, may we remember, that true humility is recieving what the word says about us, not the other way around, I am worthy to carry out the gospel, if I wasnt I wouldnt be a choosen vessel!
People always want to be broken, that is stupid, Jesus always told everyone "thy faith has made you whole not broken" also christians are always asking to die to self, how much can we die, my roomate made a joke about preaching a sermon, of being created in the image and likness of a cat so we can die 9 times" we are already dead to flesh, its time we stop being stupid and believe the word.

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
1:05 pm
Light in a dark place
I want to kind of reflect on a few things, in the area of being light in dark places.

My roomate and I arrived in Pensacola Florida after Hurrican Ivan, we got down here not having the apartment we payed for, and not realy any place to go, I had places since I was here before summer and made alot of friendships, but my roomate would have no place to go so I had to make a sacrafice and hang with him, since I was going to be rooming with him, the second night here we were searching for a place to stay.

We stopped at church to find out about emergency shelters, we were givin the direction to Washington High School, 900 people were in that shelter, my roomate and I agreed to take it head on, even though I had my stuff at my friends house and his car was full of his own stuff, we got in there, with smiles on our faces, Red Cross was on duty there running the shelter, so much oppression and darkness was over the people, there was no joy and we were just walking around smiling, someone was than drawn to us and took us to one of the head ladies working with Red Cross, she asked us to patrol the school during the night, it was such an open door, we walked around, praying and laying hands on many people, the Red Cross assited us, telling people there are 2 young men that will pray for you guys if you need prayer, oh the door was wide open! we prayed healing over people, salvation for souls, and just prayer, and ministering to the young and to the old, the door was wide open, that whole night at the shelter God was giving us the heathen for an inheritance, it was a blessing forgetting about ourselfes and what we were going to do, and moving into a dark territory of suffering people, God truly blesses people when they are kingdoom first focused.
The next day we whent and pitched a tent at a trailor park, another place of hurting humanity, but this time it was God ministering to us, a man came to park his truck next to our tent, and had a word from the Lord that we being in Pensacola was the perfect will of God for our lives, we hadnt eatin so the man offered us a nice dinner, set up a table and cooked us chickin dumplins and water, apples and bread, I was craving an apple so God knew what we wanted that night, we were sooo encouraged, and were told a peace came over the whole trailor park when we were there, it was the favor, a christian is soo dangerouse to the stripped powers of darkness.
Next night we whent back to the high school pitched a tent on the field and slept there, I whent out that night to minister to a 13 year old and was able to lay hands on him at the school and buy him a drink from the bending machine, it was a blessing, than early in the morning we got a call from the guy we met at the camp sight, he was giving us a duplex that he had, and he wanted us to stay there for a couple weeks, so we took everything we had and whent there, it had running water and electricity, we were exceding blessed! the couple weeks passed and we placed a demand on our apartments and we were able to move in, God blesses people who put Him first.
We whent from a Shelter, to a Trailerpark, to a Duplex, to a nice apartment and the next is a house!!!.
What a blessing from the Lord!!!

That is my reflection, the thrasher family yesterday night also adopted me into there family, which is awsome I love every one of the Thrashers!, Matt being my best friend, Rachel being my older sister, John being my little bro and Mom thrasher, I love them all, they prayed for my tooth and God healed me, filled me with sooo much peace and mom thrasher also prophecyed over me, it felt so good, I felt so naked but so loved.

God bless you all, I love every single one of you.

Current Mood: grateful
Sunday, December 19th, 2004
11:37 pm
Propelled Forward
I am so moved, I know I might be drunk, under the enfluence of the Holy Spirit so that is where the boldness comes in.

Tonight was amazing all day the Lord has been speaking to me specificaly with what He wants to do in my life, not that I didnt know, but ive been seing specifics in the spirit.
Doc told us we would all day today, and than he wanted to lay hands on us all for impartation in the area of revelation, thismorning the word of God just brought an impartation that changed my life and conformed me more to the image of Jesus! I want to lay hands on the hurting speak the gospel to them and demonstrate the power of the One that is living inside of me! I want to lay hands on the surfers, skateboarders and those that have been born into a life that realy wasnt fair, Ohhh to speak the word of God and the lives being transformed is the fruit of all labor.

Tonight at church, our pastor Doc Harfouche came out during worship, ohh the anointing was so heavy and I knew in my spirit that there was unction in my pastor to lay hands on people or at least the qoire, will the qouir got hit by the power of the Holy Spirit and I closed my eyes to worship God and I opened my eyes and I saw everyone rushing towards the front of the altar like a stamped, it was awsome, I didnt know what was going on so I just ran down there also and my whole section followed me.....Doc just began laying hands on every single person in the church, he got to me and I was falling down but he wouldnt let me go so he ended up falling on top of me, my body got so hot and I just broke out laughing! it was a typical supernatural day at church, but I have never scene doc lay hands on everyone in the beggining of the service, again not one person was standing that he prayed for, I love the anointing, and I am excited with great expectancy for this upcomming school year in January, the impartation is rich and I cant wait to head down to california during the summer, alot of people are going to get hands layed on them..so Californians get ready the Holy Spirit is going to take the scales of relegiosity from your eyes so you can see the word of God word by word uncontaminated from personal opinion, love you all.

Current Mood: Drunk in the Holy Ghost
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
10:22 pm
Inspired Thought
We carry with us to church
a black book, bound in leather,
but the book we carry, is what
carries us, in the book there
are words of life, in the book
there is power to raise the dead
through the book people have been
challenged and lives changed,
bodys have been healed through
the word of this book, demonstrations
have been shown through this book,
prayers have been answered through
this book, through the book we learn
to walk the way we should walk,
in the book we learn our true identity
in the book we have the outline to victory,
because of the book people such as billy grahm,
benny hinn, Doc Christian and Robin Harfouche,
preach the gospel, knowing the book
has the words of life, the book is alive
its not a school book, but its a book
that the Holy Spirit is our teacher,
it is the book that has raised the dead,
that has been studied by men
and the origins are Godly, it is a book
no one can quistion, it is a book that
is sharper than a double edge sword,
it is a book that reads us, it is a book
that reveals our heart, it is a book that
brings people to the saving knowledge of
the writer, it is a book that has inspired
millions, it is a book that has changed me
and it is a book that I read that changed me
into the image of the writer of the book, the
book is non other than the bible.

Remember what you carry to church with you is FULL of Power, the Holy Spirit is your teacher, never forget what I said next time you pick up your bible to read it, its so small yet has every answer ever needed and can change a life.

Love you all

Current Mood: contemplative
8:08 pm
Welcome Back Cabe!!!
I guess the title says everything, I talked to my friend Cabe from Bishop, it has been over a year since ive talked to him, and he is doing great!!! and is going to be attending masters commission very soon, I want to get him here so he can see what our school is about! he is a great young man of God, I realy dont have much to write about tonight, my roomate ordered pizza and bread sticks tonight it was awsome of him to do that, but I dont have much to say tonight, I will write tommorow since its a church day, roomate is going to be taking computer with him probably so we will see how that goes, if he does I wont have a computer until the 26th but I will update tommorow, talk later with you all.

Current Mood: calm
Friday, December 17th, 2004
10:44 pm
the after church report
Tonight was awsome, 2 IMI students shared there testimony with all of us, they than layed hands on people at the end that were dealing with emotional problems that they never had been fully healed from, so many people whent up and recieved healing not one person was standing on there feet that whent down into the prayer line.
It is so awsome to see IMI students ministering to the people, we have such awsome pastores that alow the students to come up and share with everyone what God has done in there life and than to alow them to lay hands on everyone who needs prayer, the word works, this ministry is fruit that proves God is still in operation today! I have come from the ministry but God sent me here to be trained, and im encouraged by that, God choose a good place to put me.

This ministry has changed my life, the impartation doesnt come without the word being spoken! we have so much power in our church, that a skeptic would find themselfes on the floor, and most if not all them do!

I am just so hungry for everything God has for me, and I am so encouraged, I have been blessed and I have been changed. I am IMI!!!

I am praying for angelic visitations on all of you, with the mighty demonstration of the power of God! I am so blessed right now! I would ozze a little more but I need to finish its just awsome if your not in International Miracle Insistute that why not?

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, December 16th, 2004
8:11 pm
heaven kissing humanity
How is it that heaven kisses earth?
Its when we go out and help the poor, why blessings in our life? its to help people, what you make happen for others God will make happen to you!
Heaven kisses earth when we decide to demonstrate the one living inside of us!
When I walk around I see hurting humanity, we ask for the lost but never go out to bring them in? think about it for a minute, we are surrounded with thousands of people dieng and going to hell, we sit back in our chairs at church comfortable, while others are going to spend an eternity in a devils hell.
The purpose of Jesus was to save humanity and to destroy the works of the devil, does anyone understand the power living inside of them, the person of the Holy Spirit!!!!

Tonight has been freezing cold, we get frost, no snow, its been so cold, and yet there are people wondering the streets tonight, we are in it for souls, so dont drop the ball.

A whispering wind, breathes life into my heart,
soothing fire in my innermost being places
a demand never to depart, the prosperity
is awsome because its God you see,
the blessings we have is for hurting
humanity, look to your right and look to you
left, you will find hurting people with nothing left.

If we are always broke,poor, and sick, than how are we to talk victory to someone, unless we ourselfes are living victoriously!
I love the anointing, I love the word of God, that is why im down here in pensacola florida, it only takes a good theologian to help you misunderstand the bible, the bible is a book where the Holy Spirit is our teacher.
When I come back to california there is so much I want to impart into the lives of people, I have freely recieved and the bible tells me to freely give, but that is if people will freely recieve, heh that excludes working for the blessings of God, its not by works its all free. I am so blessed tonight, I pray angelic visitation for everyone who reads this, I pray deep revelation into the word of God, the word confirms the word, God isnt confused or twisted but alot of times we try explaining away the bible, alot of preachers are going to give account to God, concerning the way they have built on the rock, if you have to much spirit you blow up, if you have to much word you dry up but if you have both you grow up, I go to a free church, but free doesnt mean sloppy, the gospel is the power of God unto salvation or in other terms, the power of God is the gospel, the power, and the word go hand in hand, dont you dare call yourself an evangelist and not have miracles in your ministry, dont go around saying your apostolic if there is no demonstration in what you teach, dont be going around claiming to be a prophet when what you say doesnt take place, dont you dare say your a preacher when you dont know the word of God, dont say you are a teacher when your explaining away the word of God, you will be judged on the way you build the house of God, so build upon the word, its the foundation that can not be moved, in the long run opinion doesnt mean anything, the word is stated clear so believe it.

I do got to go read the bible, if you read the word and it doesnt change you, congratulations you just read a book, but the bible is alive, if it changes you than you have found the purpose of the words of life, now go spill on humanity, love you all.

Current Mood: Bold
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
1:28 am
I am going to suprise a few people, some people are involved in the suprise!

THe only thing that may be in the slightest bit hard is pulling it off, so im kind of leaving it open as if the suprise can go 2 ways!!! if your reading this it may not be what you expect, its not like im going anywhere wrapped up in christmas wrapping paper Nooooo way.

I am so blessed, right now im just anointed with peace from God, ohh yeah baby the peace feels real good. My roomate James right now is out playing basketball with some people from our church, I hate basketball or I would be out there playing right now, come on now I like the beach, I like going for walks on the beach and hanging out at coffe shops, to me that is an ideal way of hanging out not to mention going to late night movies with friend, or strolling around in nice cars, or in that matter toilit papering houses!(hah not realy)

I have put alot of thought into some things, some of lifes circumstances, and I just want to encourage some of you!

Lifes situations should never be in control of us but we should be in control of the circumstance.

Poverty is not godly, if we are to help the poor how is it that we want to be poor, we are the helping hand not the other way around.

This little light of mine??? heh what a devilish doctrine, who said the light is little?

Friends move on, but every friend serves a purpose in life, for there life and for your life.

There are many roads in life, but each road ends in iternity, but where at the wide or the narrow?

A powerless christianity is not christianity, if the word has no power backing it than your just reading a book.

How close can we get to the very one who is living inside of us?

Circumstances are created through the words we speak, lets think we are created in the image and likeness of God, so that means our words have power!

Compassion is love in action.

If im dead to the flesh that must mean im a spirit I have a soul and I live in an earthsuite.

Marriage is important in marriage you demonstrate the power of agreemint.

If the bible says if I believe I recieve what im praying for I will have it, than why are some people living beyond there prevledges?

Lets shake some relegiouse orders by saying what the bible says, lets explore some abnormalities for a christian:

Abnormality: a christian doesnt get what they pray for
Abnormailty: a christian has to be broke
Abnormality: a christian cant live in divine health
Abnormality: a christian cant live godly here on earth
Abnormality: a christian cant go to the movies
Abnormality: a christian cant date

Those are just a few, today in florida it is very cold, and it freezes at night, we are lower alabama so ya know how that is, our white sand beaches are still somewhat closed off, because in most parts its a desaster area towards the beach, I miss everyone all the friends that were once close, and some are bieing brought back into my life, and some knew friends, the bible never said we wouldnt go through hard times, life circumstances can be hard, but if what the bible says works, than you can have victory over every circumstanc, I live what I talk about, that may be bold but its the truth, I live everything I say, what I preach I walk, I talk the talk and I walk the walk, God bless you all.

Current Mood: deep thought
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
12:55 pm
ok so the day today starts with a bang of blessings and praise
I am excited about today, today is going to be a good day, last night was enteresting!!! I walked everywhere I whent, it took about 3 hours to get home, I was some what bothered, but not moved by what I see, I have faith, faith is substance, its the currency of heaven in which we show God our faith and that is our substance, when we purchase from God with our faith than we see it being tangible, Faith is heavens currency in which we make a purchase.

I had alot of thoughts yesterday!!! its enteresting when people move on in life, so badly we long for the way things used to be, we dont want anything to change, and like craig once said " you have something called Peter Pan syndrom" while reading some of Craigs entries I cant help but think of all the positive times, even though I was having so much problems during the time I was in Carlsbad, the good times always outnumbered the bad times! and ultimatly lead me to a path of victory in all areas of my life.

I think of my friends now and my friends in carlsbad so im going to give a little character profile of my friends in Carlsbad to my friends now...its so enteristing all unique but with a purpose!!

Carlsbad Friends

Mike Wanderski:
Loves the cars that is what made mike so unique and his awsome ability not to quistion what the bible says, he has simple faith, child like faith, and has a purity of heart, which I pray God abundantly enlarges his heart for more! mike was always good in conversations and was fun to drive around with in his car, the beach walks were awsome! meeting at coffe shops and even going to the movies, mike is a timeless friend, and blessed.

Now Craig is awsome, a character I will never forget, when times were hard, craig was there, when I needed a place to go he offered me his hospitality, even though the first night I slept over his dad walked in and asked "who the hell is that" I was kind of nervouse but in the morning found him to be awsome and full of farts, the times with craig was awsome, last time I saw him was at Vinakas and we whent down to Garcias from the coffe shop, there I bought him lunch, Craig never changed, just kept the same unique personality, a friend that other people would love to be around! last thing I heard was that craig was going back to colorodo, its kind of sad, my mom lives in oceanside now and when I visit craig would have been the first person I would want to see, but now when I go down its wierd knowing he isnt there anymore! Craig I love you man, I will never forget you!

Tom was also another cool endividule, always debated but had a good heart towards God and a passion for worship, Tom was unique and I love that man of God.

Tim the guy from south africa, always was able to relate to me when I was going through trouble, his straightforwardness with me encouraged me, and his heart and his passion for God was amazing, I love Tim, he also has a special place in my heart, I now live in victory but I havnt talked to Tim for a long time, but my prayers are being sent to him...tim I pray the blessings of heaven on your life, and a knowledge to live in total victory in all areas of your life.

Awsome man of God, his compassion was contagiouse, I dont have words to describe his friendship, his friendship was simply priceless!

sooooo much of you guys in carlsbad, I know I didnt list everyone, but you all had a special place in my life, and not one of you will I forget!

I have also had many friends in Bishop, Cabe, Tom, Tim, Daniel, Shawn, ehh so much more I didnt name, wow GOd has awsome plans for people in bishop, in my opinion bishop people have alot of love and compassion, God has great plans for the people in that area, Tom your awsome, your purity amazes me, you never stumble, your worship is pure and heavenly the love and compassion you showed me when I was there, was never forgotten, im glad im talking to you again, your friendship is a last friendship.....and to everyone in Bishop I love you dearly.

now for my friends in Pensacola Florida

he is my roomate, came from a nutoriouse military school, just gave it up to go to a bible school, he responded to the call of God on his life, and responded with his heart, come on if you give up a 50,000 dollar university to go to a school that is 1500 than you deffenatly heard from God, its passion, he has passion, but I pray for more compassion, he isnt realy the loving type that you would go to for a hug, but he does have a big heart! James your awsome, and I love you alot, your life is pure before God keep walking that way.

Matt is the model, loves modeling, and is the only straight guy I know that actually knows clothes brands.
Matt deffenatly got me to change my style, now I cant find myself wearing anything under $50, you have good tast, but very pricy, but heh we both serve the same God, and He aint broke! Matt was one that was healed through my pastors ministry, no heals on his feet, a curve in the spine and no ear drum in one ear, our pastor prayed for him, and gave him knew arches on his feet, and a new ear drum and healed his back, he is a walking miracle heh the anointing does make people beautiful, going to school with you matt is awsome, your an awsome prophet of God, and you see in the spirit!! awsome awsome awsome, that is why I can relate so will to you.

Tyler your awsome, I always look forward to your hugs when I greet you at the door, your life is awsome, your full of energy and blessed, you live in a nice house and gave up everything to come here, heh out of all the places to get saved and filled with the Holy Spirit it was at a wedding conducted at our church, that changed your life, and deffenatly gave you a unique testimony heh AT A WEDDING!!!!

Your also awsome, you are the sporty type and im the opposite of that, but your friendship is awsome and im looking forward to go to school with you this year, your love for God is rich, you were from brownsville, but now your an MFC member, your desire is revealed in your pursuite, and your a man of God, and riches follow your friendship. I love you and your brothers, you guys are all awsome!

I have to say you are a big sister, you have the big sis attitude, and I enjoy being your bro, truly you are awsome and have a great calling among young people its awsome to see your family so blessed, the thrasher family!!! one of the 7 millionairs at our church, and being around you guys, causes the blessing of God to get all over me.....I love you guys.

Dippy your awsome, I notice every time I tithe you give me clothes and new shoes, heh its amazing, thanks for your hospitality the first time I came here, your house was awsome and you always insisted that I ate chicken instead of noodles...man of God your great!

your awsome, you also know your style, I guess it runs in the thrasher family, thank you so much for giving me a knew way to wear my hair, and a new style to dress in!!! I love you man, your awsome, heh little bro!

Your awsome man, your a california dude with a surfer attitude im still older than you but your a blessing, and I enjoy seing you touched by the Holy Spirit at church, just seing the tears in your eyes when your getting off the floor shows your sensitivity to the things of the spirit of God, I have seen you change soooo much under the anointing, and your worship is awsome!!!

Doc and Doc and all the other pastores of MFC:
I love you all, I have never seen any pastores walk in the anointing that you guys walk in, everytime we meet miracles take place, the revelation that flows from all of you have blessed me greatly my life will never ever be the same again never again, in Jesus name....Doc Christian and Robin Harfouche, I love setting under your ministry, my life has been changed completely, the anointing you guys walk in makes it hard for people to even stand up when talking to you, the revelation you guys have, just remindes me of the apostle paul.....you guys are my mom and dad in the faith and thank you and many more blessings on your family and the church family, thank you soooooooooooooooo much, I am fruite from your ministry, and I am IMI and I am one of the 400,000 miracle workers.

I didnt mention every friend it would take to long, but im blessed, we go through changes in our lives, and I look back at some memories espicially of carlsbad and I would cry, not tears of sadness but tears for the fun times I have had, my ohh my you guys are awsome, I value every single person I mentioned!!!
Christmas is going to be great this year, remember we have a rich dad who walks on streets of gold, I am 20 years old and I am already more prosperouse than some top business men. I am 20 years old, for thouse who doupted me, I had to say the greater one is living inside of me and I have a revelation of my DAD!!! He is rich, and I am His son, and He blesses me, I am very prosperouse, if I knew what I know now I would have never gone through the trash that I used to go through, I now walk in total victory, people love to be around me because they get blessed. I love you all and im finished with my entry, its long but good job if you read all of it, I know it encouraged you all.

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Monday, December 13th, 2004
11:20 am
Im new at this
Hey mike I got this started up, give it to everyone, its kind of boring since I dont know how to do colors or anything, anyway laundry is probably done so I will check back in a bit.

Last night God moved at church not one person was standing on there feet by the end of the night, my pastor layed hands on me and again I shook and just dropped to the floor, ohh felt so good, and I just layed there for 30 minutes just taking in everything God was doing, Doc layed hands on every single person in the church....the real thing is amazing, people say its in the head, what a load of garbage, science tries to desprove it, again a load of garbage, and people bash the Holy Spirit moving and relate everything He does to the devil, its amazing, christians will prove the devil has power and will try disproving the power of God, that amazes me how some people can be soo stupid, where else someone go, why go to a powerless christianity.

In my opinion people shouldnt add an opinion to the word of God the word of God is His word and its truth if we like it or not, we try saying gifts of the spirit ceased after the apostles but how could that be, silas in acts was labeled an apostle the apostolic ministry whent past the 12 apostles, come on lets look at Paul the apostle that would make 13 with silas that would make 14 apostles, lets think people and be logical and believe the bible.
I will write later tonight love you all, friends you know who I am!
I was reading some of craigs entries, man I couldnt stop crieng, he met alot to me, he was truly a friend that should never be taking for granted.

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